handmade in usa by​​​​​​​​​​Dan Vidican

UPON HORN ARRIVAL: For your protection and ours we ask that when you receive your horn please video tape opening the shipping box and opening the horn case for the first time. Please do not pause the video at any time. This video is not for social media release.  If there is damage we need to have the best proof possible of damage. If a video is not made we cannot guarantee that we can get the insurance money from the shipping company. Thank you for your attention and understanding to this matter. 

PERSONAL HORN PICK UP: If you do not wish to have your horn shipped you can come to our shop for pick up. 

Ordering/Deposit/Payment Policy 

Horn orders (including Yamaha conversions) are not confirmed until a deposit is received. If order is canceled within one week of deposit the entire deposit will be refunded. After one week 50% of deposit will be refunded. After 3 months the deposit is non-refundable. 

All horns must be paid in full before delivery.

In order to insure best care/service for our custom horns we ask you to contact us so we can recommend a repair shop in your area or close nearby. 

For horns that are fully paid for in advance there is a one month limit on refunds. 

Payment Policies: We take several forms of payment. Paypal, Venmo, credit cards and checks however we do not take payments if there is a fee that is incurred on our end. If using Paypal please make sure you change the default how to pay option. Please make sure you use "Sending to a Friend" option or we will be charge a large fee. If this happens the customer will be billed for this fee and horn will not be shipped until this fee is paid. 

There are no returns or trials on custom horns.