handmade in usa by​​​​​​​​​​Dan Vidican

​Conversion process includes the following steps.

1. Lacquer stripped 

2. Bell section removed and bell is cut with Alexander ring type

3. Flare is replaced with a high quality hand hammered German made product with Alexander type ring set 

4.Some bracing will be repositioned (if needed)

5. Trigger will be repositioned and shape adjusted (if needed)

6. Leadpipe will be replaced with one of our custom designed tapers for increased playability. 

7. Horn will be cleaned ultrasonically and polished


       Yamaha horns are a great value for the money. The Yamaha YHR 667 is our favorite, mainly due to the fact they are built on a traditional Knopf/Geyer wrap, which is one of the most popular and sought after wrap in United States these days. Another reason is the fact that Yamaha valve clusters are among the best in the business and have a very long life span.

Another horn which is highly underrated in our opinion and a viable and more accessible option for those on a tighter budget is the Yamaha YHR 567 and it's twin, the Bach 1102. Both of these are also built on a Knopf/Geyer wrap with a slight pattern change in the first Bb slide.

Once the horns go through our customizations process we believe their playing qualities are greatly enhanced and what you get is a true professional horn at an exceptional price, perfect for a beginner player, high school level , college or even onto professional life if desired. We focus on a few absolutely essential areas like increasing the response, improving sound core and color palette, adjusting the overall pitch, enhancing projection and focus, note centering and better evenness throughout the range.

We offer hand hammered or spun flares made in Germany by Ewald Meinl or Bernd Sandner, the same high quality flares we are using on our custom Lukas Horn, to further enhance the Yamaha customization experience.

Conversion price $2800