"It has been a joy to pick up my Lukas horn every day. Even across the registers, with colorful sounds that project well, it makes my job easier and more fun.But I also have to mention Dan is a tireless worker with a thirst for knowledge, unwillingness to settle and a knack for customer service. He hasn't just provided a great instrument, but a continuing relationship to help make the horn my own. Very blessed by his work"

Jay Ferree

Principal Horn, Richmond Symphony Orchestra

" I am thrilled and impressed with the quality of my new Lukas horn. The ease of response throughout all registers is remarkable and intonation is right on the money. I love that whether I'm playing a barely there pianissimo or the most dramatic fortissimo, the horn allows me to maintain a beautifully ringing core to the sound. I am so pleased to have found a horn that lets me expand the limits of my artistry.

Thank you Dan, for making such a fine instrument!

Dominic Rotella

Principal Horn , Orquesta Filarmonica de Santiago, Chile

Former member ,New World Symphony and Civic Orchestra of Chicago

"My Lukas horn is both powerful and nimble, responding beautifully in all registers. It provides a full color palette at all dynamics, which allows for amazing artistic freedom. Simply stated, this horn is such fun to play! "

Michael Thornton

-Principal Horn, Colorado Symphony Orchestra

-Associate Professor of Horn, University of Colorado at Boulder

" My Lukas horn feels very secure and lets me maximize my musical ideas with ease and confidence. Intonation is spot on and very even top to bottom. The sound is very flexible, warm and projective and the response is immediate and centered. Playing principal horn feels easy and enjoyable! "

Caroline Kinsey

Memphis Symphony Orchestra - Principal Horn

" I am incredibly pleased to be one of the first owners of a Lukas horn. Dan Vidican's communication and transparency throughout the horn building process was incredibly courteous. I am really enjoying the sound,response, evenness and versatility of the instrument. Most of all it accentuates my musical creativity. Thanks Dan! "

Justin Drew
Baltimore /Washington DC Area freelance musician

" I recently acquired a Lukas horn made by Dan Vidican with the purpose of using it principally as an orchestral horn. It is free-blowing and easy to play. Every note sits exactly where it should. I'm surprised and delighted."

Kerry Turner

- American Horn Quartet

-Luxembourg Philharmonic

-Virtuoso Horn Duo

 handmade in usa by dan vidican